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Looking after your jewellery


I hope that you are delighted with your new jewellery. To keep it looking fantastic, I recommend the following care tips:

  • Care should be taken when putting bracelets on and taking them off. Each bracelet should be put on and removed individually, rolling over the hand and wrist rather than stretching the elastic.

  • I always recommend putting jewellery on after clothing, paying particular attention to knitwear to avoid any catching and pulling of fabric.

  • All sterling silver is prone to tarnishing when left in the open air, so when you’re not wearing your jewellery I recommend keeping it in something airtight (a little box or zipper gripper bag will do the trick).

  • You should avoid wearing your jewellery when undertaking any manual tasks.

  • You should avoid contact with perfumed products and chemicals (including perfume, body creams, suntan lotions etc).

  • You should avoid wearing your jewellery in water and always remove before showering, bathing, swimming etc.

  • Should you wish to clean your silver jewellery, I recommend using a silver polishing cloth which will remove any tarnish.

  • Over time, the elastic on bracelets and rings may stretch slightly and it is recommended that you periodically check your jewellery and get pieces restrung, if necessary. For restringing enquiries, please email:


For any further tips or care advice, please email: and I will be only too happy to help.


Most importantly enjoy wearing your jewellery and happy stacking!

Looking after your jewellery